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Topic:Axe head Identification

  • By Alexsaxes, on 12 February, 2018 at 15:50

    Dear all


    I have recently purchased a second hand axe from ebay, the listing claims:

    A Fine antique / vintage Swedish single bit ax head from Grandfors Bruk Axe foundry in Bergsjö Sweden from the 1900´s. Total length 14.8 cm ( 5.83 in ) Blade width 9 cm ( 3.54 in) total wt. 823 grams or 1.81 lbs # . A handle will need to be installed in the head at that time it will be ready to use. The eye of the head is 4.8 cm long ( 1.89 in ) both top and bottom . The width in the middle top of the eye is 1.80 cm ( 0.71 in ) bottom width eye is 1.80 cm ( 0.71 in ) the length on the inside of the eye is 6.6 cm ( 2.60 in) , this will be the size for the handle to be fitted to. The marking on the axe head is wore off on the top of the pole near the line at the top only a few letters remain as to the stamp GRANSFORS on the axe head see pictures


    Do you know if the axe (pictured) is in fact a gransfors? It would be very helpful as I’m keen to identify the model if possible

    Any guidance would be much appreciated

    Best wishes


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  • By axman, on 6 May, 2018 at 20:11

    Hello guys.I found reacently a dayton pattern axe,and on the poll stands ”Gransfors” and the nuber 1 on the top of the poll.So is it a real gransfors bruk and from which period?

  • By stefan, on 31 August, 2018 at 08:50


    jag har två yxor som har dessa stämplar vet någon vems stämplar detta är och ca ålder

    bild 1 yxa 1 , bild 2och 3  yxa 2

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