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Topic:Head slip on a double bit axe

  • By rekn88, on 15 December, 2015 at 00:28

    Last week I bought a new double-bit working axe. I was cutting thru a fallen tree with a trunk approximately 10 inches/26cm in diameter. Half way thru the trunk the axe head began to slip and required that I re-seat the axe head after each 3 or 4 cuts until I cut thru the trunk. I returned the axe to the retailer and received an identical, new axe in exchange. I cut on the same tree and obtained the same result with the head slippage, except this time the axe head and (handle) wedge separated completely from the handle. this is dangerous. Has anyone else had that experience with the Grunsfors double bit working axe. Suggestions for solving this problem?

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